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Meet Giovanni and Jenny Hernandez: The Pillars of Handyman Services NW

At Handyman Services NW, we believe in the power of expertise and specialization. Our founders, Giovanni and Jenny Hernandez, embody this philosophy with their distinct skill sets and shared commitment to excellence in home services. Serving surrounding Seattle area, they have built a reputation for reliability, quality, and unparalleled customer service.

Giovanni Hernandez: The Handyman Virtuoso

Giovanni Hernandez is the mastermind behind our handyman services. With a tool belt of experience and precision, Giovanni leads a team of skilled professionals who tackle everything from minor repairs to full-scale renovations. His dedication to the craft ensures that every home Handyman Services NW touches is left in superior condition, with every project reflecting our commitment to durability and aesthetics.

Jenny Hernandez: The Head of Operations

Jenny Hernandez is the force that powers our house repair services. Her passion for business administration have made Handyman Services NW the go-to for homeowners seeking a spotless living environment. Jenny's rigorous training programs and hands-on leadership ensure that our repair crew operates at the highest industry standard, leaving homes immaculate and clients delighted.

Our Mission

Guided by the specialized talents of Giovanni and Jenny, Handyman Services NW’s mission is to provide the Mill Creek community with home services that are not just satisfactory, but truly exceptional. We believe your home deserves the best, and our team is equipped to deliver just that, with every hammer swung and every corner dusted.

Why Trust Our Team?

When you enlist the services of Handyman Services NW, you benefit from:

Giovanni’s artisanal approach to home repairs and improvements, guaranteeing that all handyman work is robust, refined, and reliable.

Jenny’s meticulous and methodical repair strategies, ensuring a level of professionalism that goes beyond the surface for a healthier, happier home.

A seamless experience from start to finish, with clear communication, transparent pricing, and a service tailored to your unique needs.

Join Our Satisfied Clientele

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your home. Choose Giovanni for robust handyman solutions and Jenny for flawless repair services. Together, they ensure Handyman Services NW stands out as the premier provider of home services in the Seattle area. Ready to transform your space? Book an appointment with Handyman Services NW today and take the first step towards a home that truly shines in both form and function.

Our team members are dedicated to the success of your home improvement project.

Meet Our Professional Contractors

Giovanni Hernandez

Co-Owner / Lead Handyman


Jenny Hernandez

Co-Owner / Office Administrator


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